The ministry of reconciliation is the heartbeat of God throughout scripture. Beginning with the original fall of man in the garden and the sacrifice of God himself made to atone for sin all the way to the fulfillment of the Lamb slain on the cross to pay our sin debt in full. God's word outlines how anyone can come into a right relationship with Him, no matter their past or their mistakes. Gods desire has always been to reconcile. 
4 Steps of Reconciliation
-Awareness there is a grievance and acknowledgement that one's own actions have resulted in the present circumstance/consequence. 
- Empathizing and displaying understanding of the aggrieved through compassion, emotional support and positive regard. 
- What needs to be done in order to make restitution or produce healing change. Steps to achieve short and long term desired goals.
- Believe, repent, and follow through with steps planned. (E.g. finding family of faith, avoiding pitfalls and old life situations/influences)
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